R.A.R offers:

- Aircraft Maintenance

R.A.R is licensed to carry out maintenance work on following aircraft types:

- Aeromere F.8L Falco
- Aeronca 11AC Chief
- Aeronca 7AC Champion
- American Champion 7ECA, 7GCAA, 7GCBC, 8KCAB and 8GCBC Scout
- Boeing Stearman (A.75, B.75)
- Bolkow 207
- Bolkow 208
- C.A.S.A 1-131E Jungmann
- Cessna (150, 152, 172, taildraggers)
- Christen/Aviat Husky A.1
- De Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth
- De Havilland DHC.1 Chipmunk
- Erco Ercoupe
- Extra EA.300 (EA.300/L, EA.300/S, EA.300/200 and EA.300/330 series)
- Fairchild Argus (I, II, III series)
- Fournier RF.3
- Fournier RF.4D
- Jodel (D.9, D.95, D.112, D.113, D.117, D.119, D.120, D.140, DR.200, DR.250, DR.220, DR.221, DR.253, DR.100, DR.1050, series)
- Klemm Kl.107A, B and C)
- Piper J.3 Cub
- Piper L.4
- Piper PA.18 Super Cub
- Piper PA.19 Super Cub
- Piper PA.25 Pawnee
- Pitts S.1 series
- Pitts S.2 series
- Robin DR.400 series
- Ryan (ST.3, PT.22)
- Saab S.91A Safir
- Schleicher sailplanes (KA.6, KA.7, KA.8, ASK.13)
- Stampe (SV.4B, SV.4C, including Lycoming version)
- Tipsy Nipper (Mk.I, II and III)
- Tipsy Trainer
- Waco UPF.7
- Zlin (Z.26, Z.50, Z.126, Z.226, Z.326, Z.526)

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