R.A.R offers:

- Aircraft Assembly

Raymond’s Aircraft Restoration Bvba can help you with the assembly of your aircraft. In the past the company already helped several customers (also owners living outside Belgium) who’s aircraft were imported into Europe via the Port of Antwerp. R.A.R. assisted them with the unloading of the aircraft from the container and the assembly of their new mount, allowing them to fly it from Antwerp Airport to their homebase and, so, avoiding expensive ground-transport along busy roads.

Some of the aircraft we assembled. (Click for more pictures.)

- Cessna 140 N2986N
- Cessna 140 N4122N
- Pitts S.2A N21CM
- Pitts S.2C N44QQ
- Stampe SV.4 D-EZXW
- Staggerwing NC18785

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