This Belgian designed aerobatic aircraft was parked inactive in a hangar at Zoersel for several years before being sold to a private owner.

R.A.R. was contacted to dismantle the aircraft and transport it to their workshop at Antwerpen.

The wing was completely checked and modified with tiptanks to give the aircraft a longer range.



The fuselage was also modified allowing it to be flown by taller pilots. (This is a modification that was developed by Raymond many years ago)

R.A.R. repainted the aircraft in new colors with a blue left and a red right wing following the customers demands.


Before starting his professional career, Raymond, restored several Belgian registered Tipsy Nippers, these included several modifications with the new Jabiru engine.

All Belgian registered Tipsy Nippers come to R.A.R. Bvba for their annual inspections and maintenance.

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