The Stearman is a well known American training biplane, this example was built in 1941 and is fitted with an 220hp Continental R670 engine.

It used to be part of the Confederate Air Force fleet, until being sold in Europe.

During 2010 it was damaged during a landing accident in Germany.



After the accident it was acquired for restoration and transported to Antwerpen.



The fuselage was stripped for a thorough inspection and respray.

One of the wings after it was covered with ceconite, ready for painting.



The left lower wing was damaged too badly during the accident. So the decision was made to construct a complete new wing.

The restored instrumentpanel and throttle-quadrant.


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Fuselage covered with Ceconite.

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After engine-installation.



Trial fitting before repainting.

Fuselage painted.



The aircraft will be finished in US Coast Guard colours.

One of the repainted wings.



Assembly of the plane has started

Assembly almost completed.



Ready for test-flight

Firing up the engine.



Test-pilot for this occasion was famous warbird-pilot Frederic Vormezeele.

A happy test-pilot!


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