This Super Cub is part of a batch of four ex Israeli Air Force PA-18's that will be restored by R.A.R.
Although all these aircraft are late production models, that were manufactured in the early eighties, they were in need of a complete overhaul.

After a brief career with the Israel Air Force, this aircraft was stored out in the open. After some years of storage it was dismantled and shipped to the United Kingdom, together with several other airframes.

Four of these aircraft, including N45543, were bought by a private Dutch owner. R.A.R Bvba already finished the restoration of two of these airframes. (see ‘past projects’)

This aircraft arrived at Antwerpen early 2008 and was completely stripped down after a short period of storage.



The last two of the Cubs were restored simultanously. First the frame was sandblasted and powdercoated before it was recovered with ceconite.




Fuselage after painting, ready for installation of electronics and engine.


Engine installed and wings fitted in the new workshop.



Ready for test-flight and delivery to the owner.


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