This 1944-built Piper Cub served with the USAAF as 44-80323, before being sold in Switserland.


Since many years the plane has been part of the Albatros Fluggruppe based at Birrfeld. In 2006 we also restored their Job 15 HB-KEV (Click here for more info).




in June 2012 the aircraft had to make an emergency landing after engine-failure and was slightly damaged.


We were contacted to inspect the aircraft and restore it completely.




Late April 2013 we used our modified trailer to transport OIA to our workshop.




Fuselage stripped for inspection.




Wings were stripped and inspected as well.




Fuselage was paint-stripped, inspected and repainted before receiving its new covering.




Fuselage ready to receive a new coat of paint.




The plane will be finished in the same colours it flew before.




Assembled, Finishing everything off.




Refurbished instrument panel




Ready for test-flight.




Everything worked perfect, a happy test-pilot!



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