The first Waco UPF-7 was rolled out of the Waco factory at Troy, Ohio in June of 1937. The UPF-7 was designed as a pilot trainer, both for primary student training and advanced training phases, including aerobatics. 600 UPF-7s were manufactured between 1937 and late 1942.

Out of the original 600 UPF-7s built, there are approximately 80 in airworthy condition today. Compared to many other popular biplanes of this era, including the venerable Stearman of which there were nearly 10.000 built, the UPF-7 is relatively rare and quite valuable to collectors due to the fewer number built and left today with their original wartime history.


Only a handful of Waco’s are flying in Europe. G-WACO was built in 1940. Early 1987 this airframe came to the U.K. It remained active until it was damaged in an accident during 1990.

The fuselage was repaired but the aircraft remained stored in dismantled condition at Gloucester Airport.

Raymond Cuypers bought this unique aircraft some years ago with the intention to restore it to flying condition.



The aircraft was stripped and the fuselage was already sandblasted and powdercoated.

At this moment work on this aircraft stopped, because all available resources are used to service R.A.R’s customer’s aircraft.



One of the newly constructed wings.



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