The Ryan ST is a two-seat, low-wing monoplane aircraft built by Ryan Aeronautical Company. They were mainly used as trainers by militaries and flying schools. It is fitted with a Kinner R-55 engine producing 160hp.

Our aircraft was built in 1941 and became part of the U.S Army Air Corps as 41-15647.

After a civil carreer in Canada and the US, it was shipped to Tahiti and registered as F-AZNO during 2008

Early 2013, RAR-staff traveled to Tahiti to inspect the aircraft and perform some test-flights.




End of May, it arrived in a
container at our workshop.



It will undergo assembly and some refurbishing.




One day after arrival, we assembled the aircraft.



Some refurbishments were carried out.


Fully ready for the 2013 flying season.

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