This 150hp Super Cub was never in military service. After initial test-flying as N10C, it was registered as N3977Z.

It was shipped to Italy were it first flew as I-ROBJ before getting its current registration.

The airplane was undergoing a complete restoration in Italy when it was purchased by its new belgian owners.


They asked RAR to get the aircraft flying again.



Fuselage completely stripped, ready for a good cleanup.


The fuselage was sandblasted and powdercoated. Seen here during installation of new floorpanels and control cables.



Fuselage covered in ceconite, ready to be painted.


Wings covered



Fuselage out of the paint-booth.




Wings painted.



Ready for assembly.




Instrument panel finished.



Ready for delivery.




Taking off for the first flight


Taking Off
Air to Air


Two happy owners during the first air-to-air sortie.


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