The Klemm Kl 107 is a two-seat light aircraft developed in Germany in 1940. It's a conventional low-wing cantilever monoplane of wooden construction with a fixed tailwheel undercarriage.

Wartime production totalled only five prototypes and some 20 production machines before the Klemm factory was destroyed by Allied bombing. Following World War II and the lifting of aviation restrictions on Germany, production recommenced in 1955 with a modernised version, the Kl 107B, of which Klemm built a small series before selling all rights to the design to Bölkow.

This firm further revised the design and built it as the Kl 107C before using it as the basis for their own Bo 207.

The D-EFAH is a Klemm Kl.107C, which makes it a three-seater. It was one of only 30 C-variants that were built and was active for many years until it was put into storage during the mid-nineties.

It was obtained by a private belgian collector in unairworthy conditions.


D-EFAH arrived at Antwerp in dismantled condition during February 2007 and was stored pending restoration.

The wooden fuselage needed a thorough cleaning and some minor repairs.



Restoration of this aircraft started early 2009.
The wings were completely stripped down and checked before they were both recovered using Ceconite.



The fuselage was also covered in ceconite and painted in a creme coloursscheme with a red trim.



The aircraft after mounting the wings.


Almost finished...


Klemm D-EFOH came to Antwerp to compare some bits for the final adjustments.


The two Klemms together.


Ready for the test-flight. Afterwards the paintwork will be finished.


One year after restoration, the Klemm is back in our hangar for its annual inspection. Everything was perfect.

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