Mid 2011 this SV.4C was purchased by a Belgian owner.

During the Old-timer Flyin at Schaffen/Diest, the plane was awarded the prize for "Best Stampe"


Three days after winning that prize, RAR had already completely dismantled the plane for a complete recovering.




Stripped fuselage ready for a good cleanup.


All four wings were recovered with ceconite.




As well as the fuselage. The interior was completely stripped and repainted.


First layer of paint on the fuselage.




Back on its undercarriage.

This plane will be finished in French military colours.


Preparing for engine-installation and wing assembly.


The panel was discretely modified to
accept a radio and transponder.


Wings back in place, rigging still to be done.




First engine-runs.


Ready for its new life!




During an air-to-air sortie

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